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Experience the RJ Ender Difference!

RJ Ender Computers started as a hobby in 1994. Founder, Rich Ender, purchased used computers and would take them apart, rebuild them and reload the operating system - Windows 3.1 and Windows 95. Family and friends would purchase the refurbished computers; very quickly everyone began to recognize Rich as the go-to guy for computers and technical help.
The first store opened in 1997 out of Rich’s farm house, south of Vinton, Iowa. The business was immediately successful; in a short time, Mr. Ender found a need for a bigger building. After renting a storefront in thriving downtown Vinton, within months, Rich realized he was outgrowing the space again. The business was moved to its current location at 511 1st Avenue; an ideal spot with plenty of room for expansion and still easily accessible in the downtown area. 
Rich’s reputation continued to become widespread. His motto, “We Put The Personal in Your PC” was first heard on Talk Radio, WMT, where Mr. Ender was the host for a live show called, ‘The Ender Computer Hour’ or T.E.C.H. for short. The T.E.C.H. show aired for over five years. Listeners would call-in with their questions and receive much needed technical advice. All the while RJ Ender Computers gained credibility and popularity in northeastern Iowa. 
Today, RJ Ender Computer stores primarily service customers in the Cedar Valley and the Corridor. However, Remote Computer Repair Service is available to anyone throughout the state and even nationwide. For more information on how to subscribe to RJ Ender Remote I.T. Support Click Here.
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