Effective Computer Repairs

Efficient Repair and Maintenance Services

Get fast repair and maintenance services for your laptop or desktop computer from RJ Ender Computers. Bring your system to the store, or we can access your system remotely to run software updates, make minor repairs to hardware issues, and remove viruses and affected files. 

Most computer repairs can be made in less than a week, and we can repair all brands. Get your no-obligation 5-point computer diagnostics today.
Repairing computer

A Variety of Maintenance and Repair Services

  • Hardware repairs
  • Virus and malware removal
  • Wireless router security setup
  • Networking setup and configuration
  • Dual monitor setup
  • PC backup services
  • PC imaging / backup software and installation
  • Laser printer service
  • Laser printer cleaning
  • Phone and remote login support
Network setup

Let Us Customize Your Computer

If the current configuration of your device is confusing, turn to us for system customization. We can make Windows 10 look like your old system and customize your software or hardware. You can also count on us for software updates for programs such as Windows 7, Windows 10, Linux, and much more! You'll get a personalized experience every time with our service.
Basic Computer Diagnostics
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