Advanced Computer Builds

Get a Custom Computer

Don't waste your money on a factory-built computer. Whether you are a gamer or a photographer, you can get a system custom built to suit your needs from RJ Ender Computers. Depend on our knowledge and expertise to build your new custom computer in our store. You will SAVE money and get a better system with us. There is a 30-day money-back guarantee on custom systems.

Systems Tailored to Your Needs

Because our staff has years of experience, you will never have to worry about slow editing programs or a low-quality video card. You can count on us to install the latest software programs and hardware. There are many types of customized build options available, including:
  • The Ender PC
  • Gaming systems
  • Photography and videography studio systems
  • Blind, low-vision, and visually impaired systems
  • Fanless solid state computers
We stand behind the products we sell — the Ender PC comes with a 3-year warranty.
Custom PC

Solid-State Computers

We may be one of the only businesses in the Greater Cedar Rapids area building fanless solid-state computer systems. These fanless systems are a great choice for use in a commercial or industrial premises with heavy dust flow or other dirty material that could harm your hardware. You will SAVE money because fanless computers have fewer issues and fewer repairs are needed.
Basic Computer Diagnostics
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